The Temple of Luxor is one of the most important monuments in the city of Luxor, which has been around for thousands of years and has remained as it is. To know more about this temple, follow the following paragraphs which give you the historical information about Luxor Temple.

History of the Temple of Luxor:

The Medna of Luxor was the capital of ancient Egypt and had to be reconstructed to be the seat of government. Thus, Amenhotep III, the ninth king of the 18th Dynasty, ordered the construction of a temple to be eligible for the rule of Egypt and ascension to the throne. In ancient times, The country is like a former salt dynasty and its mother is an Amira or married to the eldest son of the former king, but Amenhotep III did not have these conditions so it was not right for Amenhotep to ascend the throne of Egypt, which made him look for the reason he was able to take power and he To prove his relation to the god Amon and acquire legitimacy from him.


The god Amon was one of the most important and important gods in Egypt. He was considered the creator of the universe and life. The word Ammon means “hidden in his name and hidden in his form”.

King Amenhotep appreciated the art, architecture, and engineering, as he distinguished his reign with elegant and massive buildings. His minister therefore ordered the construction of the Luxor Temple to worship the Holy Trinity.

Journey inside Luxor Temple:

We will take you on a tour and a trip to Luxor Temple to get to know this temple in detail …

1 – Upon reaching the temple area, the first thing you will see is the first gate, which is 25 meters high and has many inscriptions and drawings that embody the victories of King Ramses II in the Battle of Kadesh.

2 – At the gate we will find six statues of King Amenhotep, but only three statues remain. Two of these statues represent the king and he is sitting. The third statue represents the king and he stands. In addition, there are two Muslims. One of them has moved to Paris now.

3 – After passing through the gate we will enter the large arena and is surrounded by two rows of columns built in the form of papyrus and made of granite.

4- We will also find 7 statues of King Ramses II, as well as a mosque in the northern part of the square, which was under the Ayyubid rule.

5 – and then the pillars of King Amenhotep III, which consists of 14 columns of huge construction and also in the form of papyrus, and there are seven columns on each side and they are raised from the reign of King Tutankhamun and King City I.

6 – Then enter an open courtyard surrounded by 46 columns in the form of papyrus and inscriptions from different times, from the era of Amenhotep III until the era of Alexander the Great, and this courtyard was important to the establishment of the ritual of the Opate every year.


7 – The rule of manifesting the machine contains 32 columns, was allowed to enter the pharaoh and priests only and is not allowed to enter the public.

8- After the hall of the god revealed there is a hall of offerings, which is characterized by drawings and inscriptions on the roof and on the walls of the King Amenhoth III, which embodies it during the offering of offerings.

9 – In the temple of Luxor there is a room called the room of the birth of the divine Amenhotep III, who was called the son of the Amun family, as the inscription of some scenes depicting the marriage of the mother of Amenhotep III Amun.

10 – There is a mihrab was built during the reign of King Amenhotep III, but the arrival of Alexander the Great to Luxor has changed the shape of the mihrab to the existing form, where it was an ancient inscribed with the image of Amenhotep wearing pharaonic clothes and offers obedience to the God ..

11 – At the end of the trip we will go to the pavilion built by Amenhotep the Third and the room of the Holy of Holies and the chair of Amun by four general.

  1. On the day of the journey we will enjoy the show of sound and light to listen to the stories and legends of the Pharaohs ..

Title of Luxor Temple:

The eastern bank of the Nile – Luxor.

Price of admission ticket Luxor Temple:

The standard ticket price is 50 LE.

The price of the student entry ticket is 25 Egyptian pounds.

Dates of Luxor Temple Visit:

Summer visit: from 6 am to 10 pm.

Winter visits: from 6 am to 9 pm.

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